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Check out Neutral on Paul on "I'm a Fan of.." with Travis Wright


Check out Neutral on Paul on "Comedians Interviewing Musicians"


Check out the Neutral on Paul episode of “How Did I Get Here?” with Johnny Goudie!

NOP on “How Did I Get Here?”



YO!  The new full length album "Paper Brats" is streaming EVERYWHERE!  Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, You Tubes, Kazaa, Limewire, Napster, Deezer... Deezer?  You name it.  EVERYWHERE!


Paper Brats

Neutral on Paul

Check out the new full length LP! Thanks!

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Neutral on Paul is a recording project. While no NOP dates are expected right now, WE’LL NEVER SAY NEVER!!! Tom Lamb plays guitar for the Brandon Callies Band.  Any dates will be BCB dates unless otherwise specified.  THX -MGMT